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Exhaust and baffle box repairedWhether you have a downpipe that is blowing on your EV97 Eurostar aircraft that needs repair or any other Microlight aircraft or Vintage light aircraft – we can help.

Repairing an exhaust to a high standard can save you a small fortune.

The exhaust system and downpipes are more than just metal tubes and chambers; they are crucial components.

The Role of Exhaust Systems and Downpipes

The exhaust system of an aircraft performs several critical functions:

Reduces Noise

It muffles the sound of the engine’s exhaust gases being expelled.

Controls Emissions

The system includes components like the catalytic converter, which reduce harmful emissions.

Improves Performance

Properly functioning exhaust systems and downpipes ensure optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Aircraft exhaust repairCommon Issues with Exhaust Systems and Downpipes

Several signs indicate the need for exhaust or downpipe repair:

Loud Noises

A noticeable increase in engine noise, especially a rumbling sound, can indicate a hole or crack in the exhaust system.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

A damaged exhaust system can lead to a noticeable decrease in fuel efficiency.

Visible Rust or Damage

Rust or physical damage to the exhaust system or downpipes is a clear sign that repairs are needed.

Unusual Smells

A bad odor coming from the exhaust could indicate a problem within the system.

The Repair Process

Repairing an exhaust system or downpipe usually involves several steps:


A thorough inspection is conducted to identify the exact issue.

Removal of Damaged Parts

Damaged components are removed and replaced with new parts.

Welding and Sealing

Any cracks or holes are welded shut, and seals are checked for leaks.


After repairs, the system is tested to ensure it functions correctly and efficiently.


For help or information about our fast turnaround aircraft downpipe and exhaust repair service, call today for a competitive quote.  


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