Our Vapour Blasting and Welding Services

Also known as wet blasting/vapour honing, the process is a mixture of high-pressure air, water and glass bead. The bead has a fine consistency similar to flour to the touch and this method of blasting is not only gentle but also does not damage the surfaces in any way.

The end result is a gentle cleaning process that works on aluminium, stainless, brass and most non-ferrous Metals. In addition, plastics can also be polished. 

The blast media works similar to a polishing process and as a result, the bead will not impregnate the parts. 

Applications Include:
- Degreasing
- Cleaning of Machine Moulds and Tools

- Removal of paint, scale and carbon 
- Welded parts can be cleaned
- Removal of heat marks can also be removed.
- Vapour blasting leaves a fine finish due to the flushing action of the water.

Industries we work with: 
- Marine
- Aviation
- Classic and Vintage Restorers

- Motorcycle Companies and Individuals

- Sports and Production Car Builders
- Fabrication Companies
- Westfield Car Builders
- Engine Builders

In addition, we also blast exhausts from Aircraft, Motorcycles and Cars. Our extensive welding and fabrication experience means we can also repair your exhausts and professionally ceramic coat them.

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